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Product Description

Liftsmart Carrying Harness unlocks the strength in your body you never knew existed. The revolutionary design converts the power held in your legs, hips and shoulders by distributing the weight of the load to these areas. Carry heavy loads more easily and with less strain on your body, and less chance of injury.


Ergonomic design
Includes fitting instructions and storage bag
Fits any size
Manufactured using high quality materials and hardware
Easily adjustable

Liftsmart x5 Team Bundle

$833.75 $800.00 NZD

Liftsmart x10 Workforce Bundle

$1,667.00 $1,550.00 NZD

Fitting Guides

Fitting instructions for your Liftsmart Carrying Harness

Fitting instructions for smaller waists


Will Liftsmart fit me?

Yes. Liftsmart accommodates almost every height and build, with multiple points of adjustment. Once you have adjusted Liftsmart the first time, you will not have to adjust Liftsmart again.


How does Liftsmart work?

A platform is fixed to a belt that’s worn around the user’s waist. The platform has a singular purpose – to assist with supporting heavy loads. The harness tethers this platform directly to the strongest areas of the body. Liftsmart works by evenly and effectively distributing weight to the areas most capable of supporting it. When lifting and carrying heavy or cumbersome items, the arms are a bottleneck of strength. Liftsmart is so effective because it bypasses the arms and upper-body and gets power straight from the source – the legs, shoulders and hips.

This makes a drastic difference to the ease of carrying items, and how long you can carry them for. Wearing Liftsmart you’ll be surprised by what you are capable of. In addition to this, Liftsmart will force you to adopt better posture when lifting and carrying heavy objects. It will force you to carry the weight closer to your body, which prevents you from leaning forward. When carrying weight off balance, you’re more likely to pull muscles and strain your back. Now that the weight is closer to your centre of gravity, your balance will improve. All of these factors work together to significantly reduce the chance of injury whilst wearing Liftsmart.


What are the three points of contact and why do they matter?

The three points of contact are two hands and one foot, or one hand and two feet. These are your points of contact with the environment. Normally, when carrying a load in your hands, you surrender one or two points of contact. The problem is that workplace health and safety studies and organisations all around the world have identified this as a risk. You need a third point of contact to support your body while mounting or dismounting a vehicle, stepping off a platform, climbing stairs, ascending a ladder or just moving obstacles out of your path.

Liftsmart frees at least one hand from the need to secure what you are carrying. On a level surface placing just one hand on top of your load is usually enough to keep it there. Your other hand is unimpeded and ready when you need it. Hold on to hand rails, move obstacles out of the way, open doors, or grab the rungs on a ladder. All this improves safety. It builds confidence, and in turn, it makes all those tricky jobs and tasks around the house and in the workplace much easier.


Is Liftsmart bad for my back?

No. A study conducted by the University of Auckland found that Liftsmart placed no additional strain on the lower back. On the contrary, the added stability safeguards the back against injury whilst lifting. Back injuries should be prevented at all cost. They are a leading contributor to missed work days, and unfortunately back pain is the most common form of job-related disability.


How can the Liftsmart make my workplace safer?

Muscle fatigue leads to muscle injuries. Logically, by preventing fatigue the Liftsmart can drastically reduce injuries. What’s more, it ensures correct posture when carrying and lifting loads by holding the weight closer to the body. The Liftsmart improves balance and prevent injuries from over-extension or rotation.

Having a free hand to open doors, without precariously balancing a load on your knee, or to hold the handrail while you safely and confidently descend flights of stairs, might not sound like much, but these little things all add up to make a world of difference.


Which industries is Liftsmart suited to?

Liftsmart is suited to all applications and industries where people are required to personally lift and move objects. If you were looking for some examples, how about…

  • Construction
  • Military
  • Shipping and Freight
  • Furniture Removal
  • Warehousing
  • Lumberyards
  • Mining
  • Medical


These are just a small sample of the industries where Liftsmart provides real benefits to employee productivity and safety.

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12 reviews for Liftsmart

  1. Alexandra, Auckland

    Last week I helped a friend move house. We were both amazed by how much easier the Liftsmart made the job, and safer too. We really wished that we had two of them. I think that everyone is going to need one of these.

  2. Semu, Auckland

    I recently moved house and I borrowed a Liftsmart from a friend. I used it all day and didn’t take it off, not even while driving. I was amazed at how often I used it at throughout the day I found I could stand around with quite heavy loads without feeling fatigue on my arms. I can see this is going to be a big hit with people who work for removal companies.

  3. Kit, Coromandel

    I’m 73 Years old and I have a lot of trouble with my shoulders and back. I have been using the Liftsmart to carry out tasks that previously I had to ask my son to come and help me with. I am amazed by this device and I always wear it when I am working around the house. Everyone should have one of these!

  4. Tain, Henderson.

    I wore a Liftsmart while my friend loaded me up with gear. It made carrying things far easier, I am amazed that no one has thought of this idea before.

  5. Ten, Auckland

    I work in construction. Recently I hurt my back carrying a heavy toolbox, and at the age of 42 I was starting to worry that I was breaking down. I tried out the Liftsmart, it immediately made carrying heavy items far easier, and left one hand free to do other tasks. The belt also seems to support my lower back and alleviated a lot of discomfort . I will use Liftsmart at work from now on too.

  6. head_admin (verified owner)

    I would definitely recommend Liftsmart to individuals who are in similar industries that need to lift heavy equipment and machinery.

  7. Mike, Hamilton

    I am a delivery truck driver. I love my Liftsmart, and I don’t take it off until I finish work at the end of the day. It makes carrying items to people’s front doors far easier, and I would recommend it to anyone who routinely carries heavy or awkward loads

  8. head_admin (verified owner)

    I’d recommend LiftSmart for anyone who is in the warehousing industry and is required to pick up boxes as well as other heavy items on a daily basis. It helps make lifting easier and is quite comfortable too.

  9. head_admin (verified owner)

    Liftsmart can really change the game. Using Liftsmart I can feel the difference, with a lot of us being women we are often carrying things that are too heavy for us but Liftsmart helps take the stress off our bodies.

  10. Caitlin, Glenfield.

    I am a slightly built female aged in my twenties. I tried the Liftsmart and was amazed at how much I could carry, I was easily able to carry half of my weight without needing to hold it up with my arms. I think this product is amazing.

  11. Vaughan, Nelson

    I used a Liftsmart while cleaning out my shed. It was far easier to carry heavy items out to the skip bin, and I basically did the work of two men all on my own. Great product.

  12. Damian, Albany.

    I tried carrying my girlfriend and a wooden box on the Liftsmart, in total I was easily carrying about 70 kilos, what an incredible device.

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